Why do banana’s go brown all of a sudden when in the fridge?


When I buy a banana and put it fairly green in the fridge, it stays that way untill it suddenly is all brown while a banana just in the room ripes gradually. How come there is such a difference?

In: Biology

It’s speeds up the process of getting ripe or even rot. Pears and apples have the same problem.

Little tip:
If you want to keep bananas longer. Wrap the top of the bunch in plastic foil.

Fruits produce ethylene, which causes them to ripen. When putting them in the fridge it can speed up the process since they are in a relatively closed environment when compared to sitting out on an open counter, and there may be other fruits producing the gas as well, especially if storing them in one of the bins. Generally the cold temp should slow down the ripening process, but does not stop them from producing the gas. In the case of bananas, you’ll sometimes find if you put an unripe banana in the fridge, the peel will start turning brown before the banana is fully ripe. However as the other user pointed out, wrapping the stems in plastic wrap can help slow the browning. Additionally, the parts of the banana touching the shelves generally brown quicker than any others. The best way I’ve found to store bananas is hanging them from a banana stand or similar utensil, and leave them out on the counter.