Why do some cuts/scratches/wounds heal relatively fast, and some take a whole lot longer?


I have a tiny scab on my arm that has scarred and reopened multiple times, but large surgery wounds I’ve had have healed completely in less time than I’ve had this one. Am I just stupid and missing something obvious?

EDIT: I don’t pick at scabs. I can recognise basic cause and effect.

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If you take care of your wounds with healing product like you are supposed to do with surgery wounds it obviously tends to heal faster.

You’re probably less likely to mess with a surgery wound than you are with a cut or scrape. Scratching and peeling at scabs slows down healing. Plus, the skin of surgery wounds may close up, but the deeper wound takes a lot longer to heal. The closed up skin is what yoh might think of as fully healed. But it’s like microwaving food, only the outside is warm but the center is cold. Haha

Well if it keeps getting reopened it’s never gonna heal, cover it up or something. Surgical wounds tend to be clean, sharp cuts that are then held in place while healing with butterfly sutures or stitches. They heal faster than your average cut of similar size.

Not to alarm you, but melanoma can exhibit this sort of behaviour. If you are curious about it, book a visit to the doc to get it checked out.

You’re probably moving your arm, and healing wounds are more likely to tear with movement. In fact early on, that probably helps the skin heal without the scar restricting movement. Also for surgical wounds, there is suturing, including in lower hidden layers of muscle and dermis, that helps hold it together

It’s because you mess with small wounds as they heal. They get itchy, you absentmindedly pick at them. The pretty soon, they’re still open a month later.

You are conscious of a major wound so you don’t mess with it and it heals quickly. I’ve cut my calf and messed with it again and again. It took months to heal. I’ve had wrist surgery and it was healed fully in 5 days. Only because I paid attention to not mess with it.

I would get it looked at. It could be a simmering bacterial infection.

It mainly depends on how much circulation an area gets and how close it is to the heart. Toes heal the slowest, mouth heals the fastest. Plus surgery wounds are stitched and glued together.