Why do some parts of our body have more nerve endings than others

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Why do some parts of our body have more nerve endings than others

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because its more important that those areas are more sensitive to the world. the underside of your forearm doesnt need to tell you as much about the world as the tips of your fingers do.

the bottom of your feet tell you more than your shoulder blades.

your quads arent as expressive as your face

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Because you need more nerve endings in some places, but it’s wasteful or even problematic to have them everywhere.

Humans consistently have dense clusters of nerve endings in three places:

A) on your lips. This is to help you eat – having sensitive lips helps you understand exactly what you’re eating, it’s temperature, and any necessary details about it.

B) your genitalia, for proper sexual functioning.

C) your fingers, particularly your fingertips. Your fingers are designed for touching things and exploring objects in physical space, and having very sensitive fingers helps you “feel” more.

Everywhere else, you have far fewer nerves… Because there’s no particular reason to have, say, super sensitive knees. It isn’t practical and won’t help, so no need to do it.