Why do teeth need so many painful nerves?

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Why do they need nerves at all when they’re just for chomping? Would surely be better without them.

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Infected teeth can cause major health issues, up to and including death. By evolving to have all these nerves, it encourages us to protect our teeth from damage and have them pulled when something is wrong.

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Because the nerves help you understand you’re doing something that causes harm. Biting too hard, grinding your teeth, eating cold foods. Nerves allow you to effectively sense to a very fine degree via bones. The nerve has to be sensitive to be able to feel with enough precision through teeth to prevent us biting too hard or causing damage.

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The same reason we have nerves in our fingertips and buttocks; so we can be aware when something has gone wrong or we’ve made contact with something bad. We need to know when we’ve bitten into something too hard or recognize pain from things like inflammation or infection.