Why do we get cravings?


Why do we get cravings?

In: Biology

Previously, when we ate something, our body broke that food down into constituent parts: x amount of salt, y amount of sugar, z amount of fat, etc.

When we get a craving, it’s basically our body crying out for a specific food item that it feels is lacking in the system. The way it conveys this to our brain is; “Hey, remember when you had that chocolate bar last week? I could do with X ingredient from that thing. Go get it!”

It could have been a number of foods that contained that specific protein/fat/carb/whatever, but our brain translated it into something we remember.

So all of a sudden, you may need a specific sugar from fruit, but your head says: “Dude! Get me a raisin bran bar! Now!”

Food you like make your dopamine levels go brrrr

Brain remembers what gives you dopamine and in moments of stress, it reminds you of a source of insta gratification.

This can happen also when your brain is bored and needs a fast hit of something good.

Our bodies are smart enough to give us positive and negative feedback when we do things. For example, stretching feels good when you need it, otherwise it just sort of hurts a little. A good example of this feedback mechanism is salt. Salt is delicious if you need it and gross if you don’t. We have this idea that people will naturally consume too much salt because salt is delicious, but that isn’t actually true. For instance, livestock need salt licks to stay healthy, but even though a cow cannot think “I better lay off the salt lick, I might develop high blood pressure later”, cows self regulate their use of the salt lick. Your brain does the rest – you remember the times that salt made you feel good, and correlates the bad feelings due to salt deficiency being fixed by salt with salt. The same is true for other nutrients.

Hormones.. Memories..old Experiences..love.. Excitement.. Euphoria.. Pleasure.. All built up or separate lead to cravings as a kind of missing… That’s what i think… What do you think?