Why do we itch?

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I don’t mean when something is touching you and tickling or irritating your skin, I mean why do we get random itches on parts of us seemingly without any causal stimulus?

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It’s glitches in your bodies nervous system. Your body is made up of millions of smaller parts, all working together to make you. Sometimes the message gets lost in translation to your brain. Sometimes a part of your body will scream out for help on accident. Sometimes your brain is thinking about itching, and that signal is transmitted to your body. “I’m thinking about itching, therefore something, somewhere must be itchy.”

The brain and body are weird complex things, just like computers. And they’re not perfect.

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it’s usually because something has irritated your skin, and the nerves there aren’t feeling as the usual so they send a signal to your brain to get you to itch and remove what caused it.

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Probably evolutionarily it was better to have some false positives, and occasionally just have a random itchy feeling, vs being a little undersensitive and sometimes not noticing if a bug or parasite was making itself at home on you.