Why do we like unhealthy food so much?

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Couldn’t our biological organisms just prefer the healthy food? It would give us larger chance of survival so genes preferring healthy food should be more popular.

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The larger chance of survival often means getting more of what you need to keep going, and consuming food that is rich in nutrients rather than nutrient poor.

“Unhealthy” food often refers to things that are just very *dense* in these things, so over-eating frequently or unbalancing your diet towards *one* of the groups of nutrients you need and not the others (such as high fats/oils, or sugars, commonly) is easy. Our bodies store things if we take in more than what we need, so if we are regularly consuming foods dense with calories, we are storing that excess again and again repeatedly, without burning it away or using it at an equivalent rate.

That + potentially missing those other nutrients and diet components you need is what makes it unhealthy. The food themselves are rarely the issue, it’s in how you moderate and balance your intake.

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