Why do you “solo rep” why do you PR/single rep bench, squats etc but not curls etc


Basically the title. There are a ton of other muscle groups that i could max out at 1 rep, but its (to my knowledge) never done outside of leg and chest exercises

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Compound exercises are far more impressive, and practical, to focus on maxing. It’s also the greatest total weight people are able to lift, so that makes it cooler.

It’s also a lot easier to cheat on an exercise like bicep curls so it’s hard to say if someone’s PR is real or not.

There are people the 1RM on other lifts. There is a world record for curling.


You just don’t hear people focus on them because its not a “main lift”.

Bench, Squat, Dead are the main competitive powerlifts

Overhead press if you include crossfit

snatch and C&J for olympics

power clean for general athleticism (read – football, wrestling, because the power clean is one of the best assessment tools for total power generation)

Because of that, those are the “standard lifts” that most people care about. The fact that they are standard makes them worth talking about because its a universal frame of reference. Even if you don’t compete in powerlifting, there are enough people familiar with bench pressing, and competitions in bench pressing, that “how much you bench?” is something almost any two lifters can be sure to understand and compare numbers on.

But TL;DR:

You CAN 1RM on any lift.

You should technically have an idea of your 1RM on any and every lift, because most people’s first exposure to simple, basic programming uses “percentage based programming” i.e., “10 reps at 75% of your 1RM”

Its just that your 1RM max on a curl, or triceps kickback is probably a number that no one else cares about comparing notes on.