why do you throw up the day after drinking?


Why not the night of? Why is it so common to throw up the morning after?

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There is no one size fits all. Some people throw up the night of. Some people throw up the morning after. Some people get the runs. Some people get a pounding headache.

Never had that because I throw up the same night and i take an aspirin before going to bed so i’m almost fresh the next day.

Don’t forget to drink water, a fucking huge lot of water.

Takes time for the body to process the alcohol. As part of this process of breaking down the alcohol and eliminating it from the body, acetaldehyde, which is a poison, is produced, which makes you feel ill (and maybe throw up) in the morning. Taking a DHM supplement while drinking might help (anecdotally I find it does but unsure how much is real effect vs placebo), as might staying well hydrated. Some people like to take omeprazole or similar to prevent excess stomach acid.

The short answer is that alcohol is poison and the body responds accordingly.

Longer answer is: there’s next to nothing therapeutic that it can accomplish. So, when you ingest it, the body treats it as a threat (if very slowly, probably thanks to the poison). More importantly is that acetyl stuff that was mentioner. Normally it’s a normal part of body functioning that you don’t notice. However, when the liver is preoccupied filtering alcohol and not the acetyl stuff, the acetyl stuff kinda overloads you (with itself), and a new version of expelling it (since liver is busy) is making you vomit.

The ethanol itself isn’t super toxic, but the initial byproducts the liver breaks it down into make it even more toxic and hurts you, so you get sicker over time before you get better.

Nausea is a default response to toxic chemicals in your body. The feeling evolved to remove the contents of your stomach in case they were responsible for the toxins entering your body, reducing the dose and therefore the severity of your poisoning. Although we can enjoy the feeling of consuming alcohol, it, and the products of its breakdown, are toxic in relatively low doses. Once detected, these chemicals induce nausea as your body attempts to remove the toxins.