Why do you tire and lose speed faster running on track than on treadmill?



Why do you tire and lose speed faster running on track than on treadmill?

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The machine is doing a significant bit of the work for you. When running naturally you are doing all the work yourself.

Are you sure this is accurate? Studies have shown when athletes were tested to run on a track vs a treadmill, they had *slower* run times on the treadmill when told to exert what *felt* like the same amount of effort as running on the track. That would lean towards the treadmill *feeling* harder to run on and causing a slower pace than they ran on a track.

That said, a treadmill at a 1% grade is all that’s needed to simulate the difference in effort required between track running and treadmill running. Any “assistance” from the belt moving under you is effectively cancelled out by the grade leaving the only factor unaccounted for the wind resistance from you moving forward vs staying “in place” due to the treadmill.


When you run on a track your running and breathing is not consistent. When you are on a treadmill it maintains a constant pace for you which makes you breath more regularly.

If you talk to Marathon and distance runners they will tell you breathing and pacing are the most important things.

I get bored on a treadmill, lose interest and motivation, and therefore the will to persevere fairly quickly. People like me (and most people I know) prefer, and have better run times, on an outdoor track. There’s so much more to see, there’s a definitive finish line to push yourself towards, and you can feel the wind blowing on your face. It’s about as close to fun as you can get exercising.

So I very seriously don’t know wtf you’re talking about. I have the exact opposite experience.

You technically wouldn’t unless it’s a pacing issue. Since the treadmill is controlled you can’t go faster and when you’re running free you may be going faster than intended and tire quicker because of it. Personally I know a lot of people who do better on tracks/outside because there’s more distraction to stimulate them and help them block out the strain