Why does Australia seem to have so many plants and animals that are lethal to humans compared to other places?

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Why does Australia seem to have so many plants and animals that are lethal to humans compared to other places?

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It mostly doesn’t, but it’s both a large and varied country about the size of the contiguous US states, and the lethality of its flora and fauna are regularly featured in popular media.

It’s been a while since I last fully looked it up but from memory:

Australia has:

Two species of spiders that can give a deadly bite. The last fatality was over 40 years ago.

About 12 species of deadly snakes, of which most are rare, live in remote and sparsely populated regions and *mostly* aren’t aggressive. Avoid Brown snakes… These species collectively kill about 2 people a year.

Saltwater crocs, not unique to Australia, and kill about 2 people a year.

Sharks, not unique to Australia, that kill about 2 people a year also.

A handful of mid sized indigenous wildlife that could be dangerous in some situations – eg kangaroos.

A few ocean oddities that could cause harm, but mostly don’t, and many aren’t unique to Australia.

One of most deadly individual species of animal, in Australia is the Honeybee… sometimes clocking up a higher kill count than all snakes combined. 

If you’re in Australia and The Fates have it out for you chances are way better that you’re dying in a car crash or drowning yourself than being done in by the native wildlife.

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Not to downplay the dangers but Compared to where? Africa, parts of South America and Asia are more “deadly” than Australia. Africa especially has anything Australia could claim and then some in the form dangerous wildlife. They’ve got large crocodilians, venomous arachnids, fish, snakes, plants, insects and mammals but also have stuff Australia doesn’t have like hippos, elephants, predatory cats and Hyenas. Another huge thing is the people in Australia are far less likely to do harm to you than in some parts of the former mentioned countries due to the stability of the governments there. There’s a big difference in murder rates in place like Melbourne compared to a city in Sudan, Burma, or Venezuela. The healthcare and ability to get medical aide or anti venom in Australia is also going to be better.

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Spent a month roaming around in Australia. I found a little brown moth in my room one night. That was it.