Why does breathing out relax you more than breathing in?

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It’s a common anxiety relief technique that seems to work, at least temporarily. But it seems like getting more oxygen would be more beneficial during a life and death situation. Is it because the lungs hyperinflate during a crisis? Or is this just placebo in the first place?

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Relaxing means your metabolism slows, meaning you need less oxygen, not more. In part it’s placebo but you’re also throttling your body, forcing it to work with less oxygen this kills the feedback loop of a high strung body exciting a high strung mind.

Remember, anxiety is a problem when you aren’t in a life or death situation but act like you are.

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I imagine part of it is that breathing out returns the diaphragm to its natural resting state, similar to how it feels better for your hand to have the fingers relaxed rather than clenched in a fist.