Why does chicken meat taste different in different areas

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Why does some chicken meat taste different based on where it’s from, like for example the meat closer to the bones has a distinctly chicken-y taste. While the outer meat or breast meat has a really neutral flavor. I haven’t noticed this with beef or other meats.

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You haven’t noticed this with beef? You’re telling me short rib tastes the same as chuck or eye fillet or tongue or new york strip? You’ve never had a fatty steak or a lean steak or a tough cut that requires slow cooking?

A chicken is much smaller than other farmed animals. So the different parts or “cuts” of the chicken are often served together, whereas a single cut from a cow is usually several kilograms so you’re less likely to eat all the different sections in one serving.

It ultimately comes down to muscle, fat, etc. How often the animal uses certain parts of its body will impact the taste/texture etc of the meat.

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Hadn’t noticed with other meats? Pork chops and bacon are from different places on the same animal and those are super different flavour, texture, colour and fattiness.

A chicken is a lot smaller than a pig so you get the variation across one portion you’re eating rather than being able to buy just the bacon region etc.