why does having low blood sugar cause symptoms of an adrenaline rush?

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I’m a diabetic, and when I have hypoglycaemia episodes, I often get the common full-body symptoms like racing heart, sweating, going pale, feeling dizzy and shaky etc., horrid. I’ve heard it’s because the body produces adrenaline when you’re low but I’d love to know why? It feels like when I’m low I get all these symptoms but my brain still can’t seem to get myself to function in any adaptive way 😅

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Your body panicking and giving you one last shot of energy to find food before you die?

I hope you’re taking care of yourself.

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adrenaline does 2 glucose-related things

1) it stimulates your body to make glucose (gluconeogenesis) and release stored glucose (glycogenolysis)

2) it reduces glucose use by the organs

this means that there’s more glucose in the blood, so the brain can get enough energy to at least keep the lights on for a little while longer

adrenaline also causes those other symptoms: racing heart, sweating, pale skin, irritability.