why does it feel so “good” for a few hours after finishing an intense workout?

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Is it just the satisfaction of having completed the workout? Or is there something more to it biologically?

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Best part IMO about working out is afterwards when you don’t need to work out again for a while.
Everyone’s different

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There’s a book called “Dopamine Nation” by Anna Lembke. She describes our feel good and feel bad brain chemicals as goblins on opposite sides of a see saw.

When our bodies are idle, the feel bad goblins stack up. When we use our bodies, our brain takes some of the feel bad goblins off and adds feel good goblins.

Our brain has a built in mechanism to make sure we get up and use our bodies, to explore, to build new skills, to cooperate.

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A lot of it is the satisfaction of having completed the workout

But exercise can (and usually does) encourage the production of endorphins which are the feel good chemicals in your brain so after exercise you still have these extra endorphins which leave you feeling good.

Consistent and regular exercise has been shown to result in ongoing increases in endorphin production so getting fit and exercising can not only make you feel better physically but also mentally.

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I know a good few people who feels like this. I have never experienced that myself. And I am very courious as to why. I have tried a lot of different sports, so I am beginning to doubt that I will ever experience it.

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multiple reasons but one interesting one to me is it lowers stress

stress is evolutionarily adaptive and gives us extra energy to run away from a threat. then once we run, our body has mechanisms to get rid of that stress in order to conserve energy.

if you have extra energy or anxiety in your mind, do like 30 seconds – 2 minutes of intense workout that gets your heart to race a bit, somethin like jumping jacks.

then stop and the anxiety will be noticeably lower because of those mechanisms

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I think it’s just common stress and relieve.

You also feel good after finishing hard exam or driving test.

Children don’t feel ‘good’ after a game of catching and running. They feel normal. There is no stress.

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So I honestly think my brain is broken in some way, I always hear about that dopamine post work out high people get. But I’ve been going to the gym for over year constantly now and I still hate every single second of it during and after. I only go because of the obvious health benefits, but it gives me the same feeling I have when it’s time to clean the toilets. 

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Exercise gives you endorphins.

Endorphins make you happy.

Happy people just don’t kill their husbands.

They just don’t!

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Your brain rewards you with feel-good hormones for running or lifting heavy shit because our ancestors that ran slower and lifted less weren’t as successful in reproducing.

Also, how do you make a hormone?

You pay her extra.