Why does smoking cause damages but no pain?

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Just watched the Kurgazart video on smoking. Damn the effects are nasty! The video said that smoking causes lots of tiny wounds in the body.

So why is it not directly and immediately painful? The wounds may be small, but neurons are pretty small too. The euphoria from smoking should be shorter than the last-lasting wounds.

Pain is a natural deterrent. If smoking brought pain, even if it’s pain after pleasure, less people would smoke regularly. But somehow all those nasty chemicals only cause damages but no pain?

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It does cause pain,

But most of the nerve endings that detect pain are in your skin. so internal pain and external pain is felt differently.

Also nicotine is a numbing agent,

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because most of the damages are happening on a lower level, you are not literally ending up with a cut somewhere in your lung, you are damaging the cells or even what is happening in the cells.

you dont feel any of that until theres so much damage done to the cells that large amounts of them are either dead or are mutating into cancer.

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Keep smoking and the possible smoking related diseases will cause huge amount of pain. Think of it as a deteriorating disease like osteoarthritis which 80% of us will get as we age. Over the course of years, the bone will slowly deteriorate but the pain won’t come for years after the osteoarthritis shows up through radiography.

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If definitely can cause pain in the lungs.
Main reason why i don’t smoke weed anymore, ill still vape it though because i don’t have that issue.

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the damage is only to a few cells at a time, and cells dont have individual pain receptors. but after 10 years of daily minor cell damage, the damage gets real.

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Well go smoke a cigarette for the first time. It does hurt!! Every reaction you have will be negative, you’ll choke and splutter and feel sick. Everything in your body screams “Wtf are you doing stop breathing smoke”.

Except your brain.

Your brain goes “yeah but… I liked the buzz I had after?”

So yeah there are lots of natural deterrents to smoking. The problem is that nicotine is very addictive. We will hurt ourselves to access it.