Why does the second batch of pancakes brown much faster?


I tested and the temperature of the pan had nothing to do with it

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The temperature of the pan – most pans hold temperature and therefore the second batch will be cooked at a higher temperature.

Can you describe your testing mechanism?

Generally it’s because when you pour the first batch, you also had just applied some type of oil/butter to “prevent them from sticking to the pan”.

Not only does this change the entire temperature, it also cooks along with the pancakes.

Unless you are applying oil/butter before you pour each batch of pancakes, you aren’t going to get the oil/butter cooking directly under the pancakes.

Source: former short order cook that has cooked thousands of pancakes.

I suppose you use up the oil during the first batch, and don’t add enough, that makes it easier to burn whatever you’re frying, as the lack of oil makes the transfer of the heat uneven (some parts get burnt, while other are not cooked enough).