why does the shape of pasta effect the taste?



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Grabs the sauce differently. Like, you wouldn’t use rottini for a carbonnara, for example – it would be spaghetti or spaghettini.



and no it does not, well the shape is relevant on the question of the chewing feeling, the amount of air and amount of sauce. So it affect the taste, but the pasta itself should not taste different

On top of what was said, depending on the shape you can use different proportions of ingredientes, which might change the taste even If it’s just a little.

It’s all about grabbing the sauce.

My italian friend told me during covid when everything was locked down, the only thing left on the shelves was non ridged pasta. Even in the worst of circumstances they won’t eat that.

Not only the shape of the pasta itself, but the tool (called the die) used to mold the pasta affects it greatly, which influences how well sauce will stick to it.

Bronze dies will produce rough surfaces on the pasta that lets it grab on to sauce very well.

Teflon-based dies will product a much smoother surface. As a result some kinds of sauces will not stick as easily, but makes it more palatable to other kinds of sauces instead.