why does touching some things feel physicaly nice?

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I get why touching some rough or sharp things can feel bad, since it alerts of damage to the tissue, but why things like c@t’s furr or silk bring pleasure by touching?

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This one’s really going to mess with you.

Tactile sense (touch) works on the same reception as pain.

To put it simply – things that feel “nice” are basically your pain receptors alerting you of it’s presence.

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Here’s a perspective on it: Suppose I drop you naked in the wilderness. You have to try to figure out a good place to sleep. You will find nature is full of pointy rocks and sticks and things. These are not good for your skin.

Suppose you then find some animal furs. The pleasant feelings will tell you that these are good materials. They will protect your skin, cushion you from harm, and keep you warm. Even an infant understands that.

Liking soft things is a survival trait.