Why fried chicken is so common but fried beef is nowhere to be found?


Why fried chicken is so common but fried beef is nowhere to be found?

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It’s not nowhere. You have chicken fried steak, after all. Beef is also used in Stir Fry recipes.

It’s less common because people like the grilled (steak/hamburgers), cured (jerky), and baked (meatloaf) forms of beef better.

Chicken fried steak (country fried steak).

Steak Fingers.

Um…. I’m sure I’m missing some common fried beef dishes.

I think it depends on region. Just last week I’ve eaten fried beef (beef wienerschnitzel) and from what I’ve heard it’s really common in Austria

I don’t think you’re looking hard enough.

Beef is fried (breaded or not) in Chinese / Americhinese cuisine, prime example being Panda Express’ Beijing Beef – essentially ‘beef nuggets’ that are deep fried then sauced.

Beef is also stir-fried in a lot of other cuisines. In Asia, Central, and South America.

But it seems like you’re specifically asking about batter and deepfry rather than pan frying or stir frying, right?

In that case, while still not ‘nowhere to be found’ it is rarer than chicken. But off the top of my head there are:

– above-mentioned beijing beef or similar asian dishes.
– types of middle-eastern kibbeh, a deep-fried food.
– schnitzel and katsu type dishes.
– some burgers are deep-fried in tallow or lard

— there are likely other dishes, and probably a lot more dishes if we include any type of frying and not just deep frying.

I think the core reason though is desired doneness and moisture content. Poorer people stir-fry / bread and fry shitty cuts of beef to make them more desirable, while expensive cuts are usually desired for their moisture and juiciness so it’d be counterintuitive to deep fry.

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Someone with culinary expertise probably has a better explanation of this but I think it also has something to do with how tender the meat is and the fast cook time that comes with frying.

This is why beef that is fried is often tenderized. Chicken fried steak essentially is the same process in that that it is battered, floured, and fried. But the cut is often thin, pounded, rolled, and/or swissed beforehand.

Since most comments are trying to prove you wrong, I’ll give you my personal opinion. I think it is the density of the meat. Chicken and fish are less dense and do not get as tough as beef when it is cooked. That being said, I would actually like to try some fried, steak-season battered, medium-rare steak bites.

Just go to any Chinese takeaway, they all have deep fried shredded chilli beef on the menu.

And it’s very nice.

I agree with the others, it’s not nowhere but its less common as
Chicken has to be cooked throughout to be safe to eat, and so the texture encourages frying in oil, breaded or battered. Fried beef is less common due to the fat content of beef providing a lot of the flavour and it generally being best not completely cooked as it goes tough much quicker than chicken.
There is also not as much fried pork or lamb, but fried fish is very common, I assume due to the texture of the fish meat being more like chicken, whereas pork and lamb are more similar to beef

My go-to Chinese takeaway is crispy shredded chilli beef. That’s deep fried. You just need to look in the right place

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