Why has split screen gaming disappeared?


Supply and demand seems to have failed here. History has shown a huge market for split screen gaming (Halo, early CoD, years and years of N64 including Goldeneye, etc).

Split screen gaming is amazing for young siblings, sleepovers, and college dorm rooms.

Why the lack of supply?


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It’s resource extensive in some cases; can’t have two separate Skyrim characters running around and even golden eye ran at maybe 12 frames with four people. Also it’s fundamentally broken in certain games like fpss or rtss where screen peeking can occur( perfect example starcraft64).

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Because Internet. You can just play games online and be able to see the whole screen. Many times you don’t need to be huddled around a game console with your buddies playing split screen.

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Because now you have to buy the game twice


You have to pay for online service on consoles, maybe DLCs, I think it’s all about money although they will say that resources of the consoles can’t take it.