why is beef triple the price of pork and chicken?


why is beef triple the price of pork and chicken?

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I assume it has something to do with how much is costs to raise a cow to slaughtering age/weight. Between the amount of space they take up and how much they need to eat, it adds up

There are seasonal variations in the price of products. In addition, there have been problems with the supply and distribution networks.

Cows are ruminants which means they can digest cellulose in grass unlikely animals, it’s their preferred died. This was great for us because we could have them just run around and graze the plains eating food we couldn’t and turning it into food for us.

However there was never a time in history before now that people were eating this much meat this often. Now there just wouldn’t be enough grazing space on earth for all the cows if they only ate grass naturally, so we feed them “feed” a lot of the time, a mix of corn and other things that might not be as good for the cow but it’s cheaper.

Basically cows are just hig creatures who digest food slowly and they need a lot of it, and that food needs a lot of water and land to grow on. Their overall resource input to food output is super low compared to pork or chicken because of their diet

I’m no farmer or anything but I’ve always found this stuf interesting. Here’s some info from Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feed_conversion_ratio.

All the costs of these animals as meat is heavily regulated and subsidized by the government through stockpiling and incentivizing, as well as tax breaks for manufacturers. It’s all artificial, and cycles of price fluctuation are by design, and arbitrary based on the needs and limitations of the industry.

Chickens are dirt cheap though. That’s just the situation there regardless of outside intervention.

It costs significantly more to Raise a cow up the age they can be slaughtered than ti does for a pig or a chicken.

and its not just their food its also their living space and ensuring they dont get sick. this is compounded by the fact it takes quite a while for a bovine cattle ot mature. so not only are you spending more on keeping them Healthy and fed but you do it for longer. Hence high quality beef is Expensive to match.(the last time farmers tried ot cheap out on beef production we had a deadly disease popping up)