Why is drinking 2 cans of sugarfree monster a day considered bad?


Context: I very rarely drink plain water; for some reason I find myself rarely feeling dehydrated at all. My general daily routine is to drink one can of monster ultra energy when i start my work day, and another when i get home from work. They contain no sugar, no calories and only 120mg caffeine, meaning the two cans still keeps me well under my daily caffeine intake limit. However, a lot of days I also don’t drink much else. People keep telling me this is bad for me, but I’m not sure how it’s any worse than people who pretty much only drink coffee?

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How orange is your pee?

Because all the extra chemicals, and the excess amount of caffiene?

It’s not really that much worse than coffee but you have to consider that even the zero sugar drinks are still pretty acidic and will have an impact on your oral health. Not to mention monster puts an ungodly amount of vitamins in just a single can, and yes there is such thing as having too many vitamins.

Well, caffeine is a diuretic, which signals your kidneys to dump extra water into your urine. You’re replacing *some* of that lost water with the water in the Monster, however, you might be running a deficit. Your pee color is a good indicator: anything darker than lemonade means you’re dehydrated and should drink more water.


It is considered bad because people will make an opinion about anything before doing research. They will blame the sugar, sugar additives, caffeine, ingredients they cant pronounce, etc. I prefer to do my own research compared to listening to people’s two cents. You could compare ingredients in Monster compared to other energy drinks, etc. When I was a kid, there was pretty much only Red Bull. The opinion on it from my experience was either it is bad for you, or you were drinking several a week and it was no different than drinking a soda. Personally, energy drinks speed up my heart and make my whole body ache, so I avoid them. No idea what causes it, easier just to avoid it.

If you’re not thirsty for water throughout the day your body may be getting by with water weight. When I started doing a lowcarb diet I lost ten pounds in less than two weeks, which I was told was the body shedding water weight since I was unlikely losing fat so quickly. During this time period I was so thirsty I was drinking nearly 100oz of water a day. Before that, I wouldn’t even look at a cup of water, I was only drinking coffee, tea, and soda. I definitely felt better drinking water compared to other liquids.

Damn, slamming 2 monsters everyday and then saying you “very rarely” drink water?

Your kidneys must be hella shriveled

It isn’t worse for you – people are just skeptical because they find long chemical words worrying.

There was a huge scare with aspartame a while back. It’s one of the most common sweeteners used in sugar free drinks, is 200 times more potent and far lower in calories than sugar. Hundreds of studies are out there saying that that while it isn’t *good* for your health, it is better than sugar.

So why were people so scared? I can almost guarantee you that on the back of your diet Monster the words “contains a source of phenylalanine” are written in bold, and when things are written in bold people stress that it poses a health risk and it does – to a very select number of people who suffer from PKU, a rare disorder relating to abnormally high amino acid levels. The fact of the matter is that phenylalanine is naturally occurring in low quantities in a lot of the food you consume.

It is so much better for you to be drinking diet than it is to drink that sugary crap. You’d need to drink almost 20 cans of Diet Coke to reach the recommended daily health limit and only 7 normal Coca-Colas to be pushing on incredibly unhealthy. Stay on diet!

My biggest fear would be that you’re not taking in enough fluids but if you aren’t experiencing dehydration you’re probably fine. Don’t let anyone convince you that you’re doing worse than a person who only drinks coffee. Besides, black coffee tastes like dirt anyway, better to drink something that tastes nice!