Why is it ROMANTIC relationships that bring out the best and the worst in us, not other types of relationships?



Say someone suffers a fear of abandonment— why is this fear so much stronger in a romantic relationship than say… a friendship?

Conversely, why are we so willing to go to the “ends of the earth” for our lovers, but not our friends?

What is it about romantic relationships that make us want to be our best self and also reveal our worst selves?

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I don’t think only romantic relationships do that, I think very close relationships tend to do that, and in our society is more normalized for only romantic ones to be this close.

That being said, once you’re really close with someone, you tend to put down the masks you use for dealing with other people, and show your true face more and more. It’s you showing your flaws that are usually in check, and showing also the cards you have in your sleeves that few know about.

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