Why rodents eat / nimble on everything

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A dormouse in my house ate a MVS (mechanical ventilation system) sheath away like it was cheese or something to eat, same for glass wool in the attic; but from what i understand dormouses / mouses don’t use those to make a nest or whatever, so why do they munch on plastic / polystyrene ?

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Like our fingernails, rodent’s teeth do not stop growing. They don’t have opposable thumbs to operate nail clippers so they need to constantly chew on things to wear down their teeth.

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Chewing feels good for them! I have pet mice and provide a variety of things for them to chew. It’s fun for them, especially things with an interesting texture or “flavor” (even if they’re not swallowing it). They do it to grind their teeth down, but they don’t know that’s why they do it. Their brains just tell them it feels good so they keep doing it.

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same reason a cat claws at furniture, and anything relatively hard. Instinct to hone, and wear down their ever growing teeth/claws