Why the fuck does depression exist? Why does it drain all motivation and energy to do things? Isn’t this a serious liability for survival?


It’s never made sense to me why depression exists. It causes only harm and I honest to god see 0 use for its existence.

In: Biology

Nature loves to experiment. Random variations all over the place, just for the fun of it. Aberrations that are hugely successful or unsuccessful have their appropriate and logical outcomes but non-conclusive stuff just continues to occur haphazardly forever.

As a person who deals with depression and anxiety, I understand your frustration. But you speak as if depression is an “existing” living thing, which it is not.

Look. Feelings don’t have as much power as actions. Happiness is a great feeling but we’re most happy when we act out our happiness: we smile, are positive and look at things in a positive way. The feeling is never as strong as the actions that stem from it.

Depression is the same.

Depression is NOT a good feeling. But choosing to stay in bed all day, not eat, feel sorry for yourself, or self medicate away the pain is worse. So bad in fact that it’ll kill you.

Stop giving your feelings more credit than they deserve, especially when they’re negative ones. Feeding those feelings will never help you.

IMHO I would say depression is a modern disease. We are disconnected from our natural environment, stressed out of our daily jobs, always pushed to be social etc. The lack of meaningful purpose helps as well. In nature hunger is a great motivator, always hunting, picking berries and fruits. If you stop you die, in modern days you can still exist even if you stop contributing. That’s what i think it basically boils down to.
Feel free to disagree 🙂

My take on it: depression makes you slow down on your activities and concentrate on problem-solving. So you have an opportunity to analyze your situation and come up with more adaptive behavior in cases of social defeat or other struggles.