why you shouldn’t over mix?



Why do some baking recipes say not to over mix batter (or whatever it may be)?

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For some cakes and pastries over mixing can cause gluten to form and that’s not the texture you want for some things.

Assuming your recipe has baking soda or baking powder in it, as soon as you get that wet, it starts producing carbon dioxide bubbles throughout the dough/batter.

If you’re reasonably quick at combining, mixing and getting your thing into the oven, those bubbles will produce little voids all through the dough which make it light and fluffy. If you take too long, some of those bubbles will pop and you’ll get denser, heavier dough, and every moment that you stir, you’re popping those bubbles.

So basically the moment your wet ingredients touch the baking soda/powder, the clock is ticking and you want to stir the batter, get it in the pan and get it into the oven without too much delay and without overworking the batter.