Are all channels play at once through a cable TV line and how does the internet travel both ways on the same line?


Bonus Question: How do networks know what’s being views the most?

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Your cable box determines which network is getting pulled to your TV, and also tracks which networks you watch at which times.

The cable TV is split into different frequencies on the cable. Your TV or cable box tunes into those frequencies and decodes them. Same for the internet, the cable modem modulates and demodulates the internet signal on the cable wire.

>How do networks know what’s being views the most?

Let me tell you about [a company called Nielsen]( They are *the* name when it comes to network analytics and ratings.

Nielsen deploys monitoring devices to selected “Nielsen Families” (and elsewhere along the datastream) that measure a statistically relevant slice of the population, and then perform data analytics on those slices to arrive at useful representations of the entire market space.