can someone convicted of a capital crime request a death penalty rather than spend life/most of their life in prison?


I don’t think I’d (a 34-year old guy) be able to survive 50+ years in prison without severe mental health problems…is it possible for a defendant to request the “easy way” out?

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They request it sure, but the courts are not obligated to satisfy the request. At the end of the day, a convicted person is not the one who gets to decided their punishment.

Depends on the country. I can only tell you about Turkey which both doesn’t have death penalty or an actual life sentence. So no, you can’t request that. What we call a “life sentence” is just 35 years.

Probably easier to just slap a lifer with your food tray and wait for the inevitable mass ganking.

Just saying. The justice system feels like making someone live 50 years behind bars to be a sufficient punishment for something. If the prisoner hates it, then so much the better. This country’s justice is founded on vengeance and retribution and punishment, not rehabilitation.

No. And that it sounds really bad is meant to make you think twice before committing capital crimes. Giving people “easy ways” out of crimes is a new phenomenon we started liking in 2016, but only for certain people.