ELI5, how do they get so much vitamin content into multivitamin gummies?


Reading the label, those gummies have huge amounts of your daily vitamins in them, some even 100%

How do they condense all those vitamins into a small piece of edible gelatin? Pills make a bit more sense because of powders and stuff but the gummies confuse me a bit

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What a lot of people don’t realize is that the dose recommendations for vitamins and drugs are absolutely miniscule when you’re talking about the purified stuff. Let’s look at Vitamin C. The daily Vitamin C recommendation for an adult is about 80 milligrams. Running some numbers for fellow Americans… that’s less than 1/100th of a teaspoon of pure vitamin C powder. You don’t even need a proper pinch between all your meals to be set for the day.

The result is that anything that claims to be high in vitamins is still going to be made of mostly non-vitamins, or you’d be giving yourself a pretty extreme overdose. Gummies are just gelatin with some vitamin powders mixed in before it sets. Same with drugs proper, pills of any given substance are actually mostly filler to make them easier to handle and ensure they are digested properly in your stomach. Even natural vitamin-rich foods like fruits are almost entirely sugar, water, and fiber with very little actual vitamin mass if you were to extract it somehow.