eli5: We use the Domain Name System to give every website an IP because numbers (or IPs in this case) are weird to deal with/memorize. Why cant we do the same thing with phone numbers?


Edit: I meant we use the Domain Name System to give names to websites, that are then tied to an IP. We know the websites name, but we dont put that websites IP in our search bars to get there.

Could the same thing be done with phone numbers?

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This is good

This is what the phone book app does on your phone.

>Could the same thing be done with phone numbers?

Have you heard of phonebooks? You know, the things where a phone number is written next to names arranged in alphabetic order. They are a bit out of fashion at this point, [Terminator 1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7u_KPoVwAs) must be a terribly confusing movie for modern audience.

Your mobile phone emulates having one for your contacts though, it even allows searching through names and calling them without ever remembering the number yourself.

Um…………. unless your phone is some old fashioned rotary phone this has been around for decades.

Pushbutton landline phones had speed dialing. This is where you could program a phone number into the phone and attach it to a specialised button on the phone. You could then label the button.

With today’s mobile phones you have a directory in your phone where you program phone numbers into it and you can name them whatever you want.

We totally have. Our phones keep a contact list now. My gf has trouble remembering her own phone number anymore. I couldn’t tell you what it is myself. We just let the machines handle the numbers. Need the phone my number for a business? Look it up on Google maps and there will be a link, click and it’s dialed, you don’t have to touch it.