Eli5: Why does blood dry so fast?


Eli5: Why does blood dry so fast?

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Blood has coagulation agents in it that are specifically there to make blood thicken and dry quick. It’s for scabbing/other wound protection

The internal part of a blood drop is still wet, the surface of a blood drop “dries” to form a protective scab over a wound, platelets bonding with fibrin to create a barrier to reduce blood flow. https://youtu.be/6taZMcj8co0

Some people’s blood doesn’t dry up quickly enough, making small wounds significantly more dangerous. It’s called ~~the Von Willebrand disease~~ hemophilia.



Also, blood is alive, unlike water for which the drying process is simply evaporation. For blood there are enzymes that chemically reacts with the air to solidify the blood, basically it is the same process happens when you have a wound where your blood is exposed to the air