Eli5 why does weed make my mouth dry.


Pretty common phenomenon. Cottonmouth…. why?

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Doctor here!

Ive been waiting 14 years for this question, so heres 164k worth of knowledge.

THC reacts with Cannaboid receptors in the brain. A side effect of stimulating these receptors, is the parasympathetic nervous system delays.

The PNS controls saliva glands, and its delayed reactions cause your mouth to get dry, or “cotton mouth” because your saliva glands arent responding on time

Dry taste buds react more seriously to stimulation. Stoners are prone to drink sugary drinks like soda, because the brain rewards them for providing sweet, cold liquid.

Depends on the terpenes, and how you consume. Sometimes strain dependent. We all have different endocannabiboid systems. But what the doc said in the comments is what im trying to say!

Can’t answer why but I do know that skittles are the best remedy. Shoutout Snoop for that suggestion

Additionally to what others said, a secondary factor is that THC tends to gives you a stuffy nose, which naturally makes you breathe through your mouth – and that will dry your mouth faster.

I can’t stand being so thirstyI
I’d also wondered about it for so long. I’ve only had it a few times because even if I drink a ton of liquid, my mouth is so dry, as dry as when I was hospitalized and had to be on an IV for extreme dehydration.

I read some people just have a severe reaction and their salivary glands shut down. To me it’s not even worth it because that part is so awful feeling. It’s legal here now, and as fun as it is laughing my head off, the extreme thirst for hours feels like torture. 🥲