– H.R.3029 – Health Care PRICE Transparency Act



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It’s a proposal to have hospitals post their prices publicly on their websites so people will know the estimated costs before services rather than sometime after. The goals seems to be that this will allow people to make best choices for their care and keep hospitals honest when billing.

It makes them do this for free, without charging a fee or subscription to access the information. On their website they would need to offer a tool that allows people to see a maximum price, minimum price, cash price, etc. Based on past negotiated prices with insurance companies and such.

The fact that the bill has 6 co-sponsors, all of whom are Republicans tells you the text is meaningless.

Bills don’t get voted on unless the Speaker of the House introduces it, and because the current speaker is Democrat, nothing will happen in this instance.

For all intents and purposes, when the minority party introduces a bill in the House of Representatives, it’s a campaign manifesto. It only exists so that the 6 in this instance, cosponsors can talk about it during their next campaign.