How are mobile check deposits accepted by banks if they never even get to see them up close?


I always deposit my checks and the money is usually available the next day, sometimes even the same day. But, what protects these companies from fraud? How do they know the check isn’t a fake?


It’s more of a “trust system” with your bank.
Typically, they require you to put down your account number when digi.

For example: when i digi submitted my FAFSA check all 500 was approved. Normally I’d get 200 trusted.

Essentially they use an ACH system to “cash” the check before you are given the money.

If the check were fraudulent they would know before it is fully deposited into your account.

because they already cleared the check with ACH. which cleared it with the payer’s bank. bank’s don’t give you money because you show the paper check. they give you money when the other bank identified by the numbers on the check says it’s ok to give you money.

Hello. Guy here in charge of my banks Mobile Deposits. Essentially we require the user to endorse and write “For Mobile Deposit Only” on the back of check underneath your endorsement. We get a digital copy of your check and it is electronically stamped. All physical paper checks and scanned anyways in to digital format and submitted to FED. You are required to keep the check for 60 days in case the check gets returned for any reason, i.e fraud. We also know alot of the signs of fake/ fraudulent checks and look for those. We see a lot more of these type of checks than you would think. If the user no longer has said check then we charge the check back to the customers account to get the money back. If the user doesn’t have enough money to cover the check being returned then the account is put into overdraft and the user must deal with that. But that is a much longer topic. That should cover it. Let me know if any other questions regarding this type of stuff :).