How do glasshouses not fry every plant inside during the summer?


How do glasshouses not fry every plant inside during the summer?

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In greenhouses, airflow to keep cool. Big fans/vents at the top of the front and back of it.

In literal glass houses, AC, lota of AC. The sunlight is too much for most house plants though. End up seeing a lot of native or full light plants in those houses if any.

They defract light instead of lensing it like a magnifying glass. The air is cycled by a glass roof panel and sometimes a fan.

The glass houses have openable windows at the top- so the hot air can vent out.

Also- big fans help circulate the air to expel the hot air out.

The plants that are grown there are acclimated to hotter, sunnier climate. And when they transpire they actually cool themselves.

Lastly- in glasshouses there is actually less light than in a greenhouse covered with plastic. The amount of metal infrastructure to support those heave glass slabs is much higher than the one needed for plastic roof. The glass is much better at keeping the heat inside during the winter, that’s why it is used in cold places, but it’s costing in light coming in.

Worst case scenario you could always turn on some sprinklers and fans to chill the air even further

Vents are at ground level with the cooler air, opening windows are high up with the hotter air. Heat rises so when you open them both cooler air is drawn in by the hotter air escaping. You can also have blinds/shadesto block the sun and sprinkler systems to bathe the plants in condensation to help keep them cooler that way

It’s the shape of the glass. In a glasshouse, the glass is not angled to focus light. This is the same reason your house windows don’t set your house on fire.

However, if you did manage to replace your window panel with a convex panel, your house or plants likely would be set on fire.