How do people make these animated graphics ? What software do you even use?


I have some very minor photoshop experience but I would love to broaden my horizons. This is just one example of something I saw recently. Where can I find software to build something [Here]( this and just practice.

For the tech people out there I love the interactive charts and graphics on the the YouTube channel “Gamers Nexus” I would be interested in those too. It’s purely just for curiosity at this point.


After effects can create animations like this. Even the numbers rising. You would have to create it from scratch yourself though, it’s no plug in and have a video made for you. You can use other programs like adobe animate. But AE would make more sense to me

This is better in r/outoftheloop.

The commonly used program for creating motion graphics is Adobe After Effects. Usually, you create assets in photoshop or illustrator, then you import those components into After Effects. After Effects is like a video editing app, like Premiere, but with animation being at the forefront rather than just being a small feature.

Every object is animated with keyframes, and this is the simplest, most dumbed down explanation of what you can do with a keyframe, but you can say at frame 1, you want object A to be in the top right corner, but by frame 12, you want it in the bottom left corner. Then you can say you want it to fade on to the screen from frame 1, where it is at 0% opacity (it’s invisible) to 100% opacity (fully visible) by frame 8. It goes into way more depth than that, like, how do you want it to move? Jagged? Smooth? Bouncy? Swirly? Maybe you want it to explode at the beginning and come back together at the end? You can pretty much do any crazy animation you want to do, 2D or 3D.

It is overwhelming to learn at first, but once you start to understand the basic concept of it, it becomes much easier. It is highly recommended to be comfortable in Photoshop and Illustrator prior to sinking yourself into After Effects. The good news is if you pay for Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you have access to all of the programs at no extra cost.