How do you differentiate east from west at the poles?


Bit random but i was just listening to a Star Talk Radio podcast and they mentioned how Antarctica is losing more ice in the west than it is in the east, only problem is for some reason i can’t seem to wrap my head around identifying the points of a compass at the poles.
Thanks in advance.

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Exactly at the poles, there is no east or west. From the south pole, every direction is north. Close to the poles, east and west still exist; that latitude band is just a really small circle

Earth have a western and eastern hemisphere and that is what is used.

Look at for example []( you see a map where East Antarctica is the part that is in the eastern hemisphere and west Antarctica is in the western hemisphere. Some part of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet is in the western hemisphere but most is in the eastern hemisphere. It is the [Transantarctic Mountains]( that separate it from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

The western area of the poles is the area around the 90th meridian west (north of canada) and the eastern area is the area around the 90th meridian east (north of Russia)