How does wasp and hornet killer spray work?


i.e. Raid, etc

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Idk specifically about raid or anything but hornets and wasps have a wax like coating on their bodies. It helps them shed rain water and protects them for other things. Something that removes that waxy coating like WD-40 absolutely fucks them up really really badly ultimately resulting in their death

Source: as a kid watched my dad destroy wasps outside their nest using only a can a WD-40

So I would assume the killer spray has some kind of chemical in it that breaks down oily substances the way WD-40 does and then also has some highly toxic element that more easily enters the wasps after their protective coating is gone

They use a variety of neurotoxins to disrupt the nervous systems of insects. Insects don’t breath like humans, through a mouth into lungs, they are covered in tiny holes that and they breath through those, their whole body is a sort of mouth/lung system.

Once the spray touches them, it immediately disrupts their nervous system, they go into spasms and their hearts stop. It’s almost on contact.

These same toxins can hurt mammals as well, so it’s not good to breathe them or have pets around.

In case you can do so safely, a less noxious way of handling these bugs is by dosing them with soapy water. The soap suds block the holes I mentioned and they suffocate rather quickly. It’s hard to do this to an airborne swarm, but pouring a gallon of soapy water on an underground wasp hive is a good way of eliminating them.

Wasp sprays use chemicals known as pyrethroids and pyrethrins, both of which cause catastrophic damage to the wasp’s nervous system on contact, paralyzing them and then killing them. This is why a wasp will drop out of the air instantly after being sprayed.

Src: a quick google search