How exactly does someone die from drinking too much water?


I want to know this because when me and my sister were kids we had a bet on who could drink the most cups of water, we pretty much drunk water till we felt sick and could piss water like a fire hydrant so im wondering if at any point either me or my sister could have dropped dead at the time.

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One way may be through loss of sodium — you essentially just piss away all the salt in your body. The condition is called hyponatremia, and for it to be fatal there would probably have to be a pre-existing condition that would make the electrolye imbalance tip over into a stroke or heart attack.

I don’t think it’s the drinking too much, it’s the holding it in that gets you:

You literally drown. You waterlog your brain. NCIS had an episode on it where Duck was dating a woman named Mary who set up deaths for Ducky to solve. She used this method.

Too much water causes sodium to leave the cells and enter the blood. This gradual dilution isn’t a problem except the sodium is lost in small amounts as you urinate. Eventually enough sodium is lost to where muscle cells cannot function and your heart does not reliably generate an electrical impulse to beat. There are also problems with the brain that would lead to death, but the heart is the easiest to explain.

You would lose salt as freshwater would take it out of your bloodsteam. So you would lose too much salt and that would kill you