How were wildcats domesticated?


If its in their DNA to hunt and be ferocious how were people able to make it so those traits became passive or safe for them to be around humans?

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We didn’t really actively do it to them so much as they gradually went from hunting the small animals we attracted, to realizing people can be good for other things too.

Trial and error on the part of the cats. Humans would chase off or kill dangerous cats but generally ignore the passive cats. Cats were useful for hunting pest and humans would share food supplies to keep friendly cats around.

Humans didn’t do much. Cats just kinda showed up and helped out with the rodents, people realized that this is cool because rodents were a big issue. Been friends with cats ever since.

See how the more agrarian cultures – like ancient Egypt – valued cats more. Why? Because rodents.

Like wild dogs. If a parent is killed in a trap, sometimes the pups/kittens ate found alive.

There was a street cat that recently gave birth. My wife began feeding them. Even though we gave them food, they were skittish and avoided us, except one of them was friendly.

We adopted the friendly one. Its normal for a litter of pups/kittens to have physical variations, and to also have personality variations.

If you breed only friendly versions of a wild animal, over time they will become instinctively friendly towards humans

Visit any fishing boat area where the boats land to unload the fish. Cats showed up there to get fish guts and leftovers. It would be a daily thing. Cats learned the people will toss you food for free, just for showing up.