Please can anyone explain me the word Narcissist with eg.


Please can anyone explain me the word Narcissist with eg.

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So, narcissism is essentially obsession with one’s self, and/or one’s own image (usually to the public, but sometimes to your group of friends or even to yourself, when pushed to an extreme.) This obsession takes precedence over reality, and becomes so powerfully entrancing for a narcissist that they would attack and destroy anyone trying to break that image with reality and facts.

I think the best example I can think of, is unfortunately Elon Musk or Donald Trump, who are so widely obsessed with how the public sees them, that they seemingly cannot fathom that a dissenting opinion can also be correct, and will reject facts by attacking those that point them out in a legal or discrediting manner.

A more direct example would be how Elon Musk was so obsessed with his self-driving car technology, that when one of his employees did a fully-independent review of these systems on his personally-owned self-driving vehicle, Musk fired him, and revoked his access to the Beta, despite having no valid reasoning other than “he made me look less good than I think I am”.

Likewise, Donald Trump is viciously insulting and suing anyone who dares say anything negative about him, credible or not, be it that he lost the 2020 election, or that his businesses have been mostly a pile of failures and/or frauds, whenever he can find a lawyer ready to file the suit. He is also very prone to 180°s on people when they show a disagreement with his view of himself, or when they repent over said disagreement(s).

Simply put, narcissism is a very advanced form of egocentrism, where the self-importance is put to such an extreme that they cannot accept anyone not seeing them as positively (or more positively) as they see themselves.

This story is the basics of what narcissism is.

Basic TL/DR this Greek myth centers around a beautiful hunter who rejects all romantic advances but falls in love with his own reflection cause he’s just that obsessed with himself. He stares at himself in a lake reflection until he dies

It comes from an old Greek legend of a man named Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection. I forget the exact result but he either fell into the pond and drowned or just stared into his reflection until he starved to death. Either way, his obsession with himself was his greatest weakness. Greek legends often have these “flaws that kill you” punch-lines and we named this one after the guy, “Narcissism”.

In layperson speak a narcissist is someone who is obsessed with themselves to point of it being a negative flaw, especially when it’s combined with a disdain of other people.