Tablet screens vs E-Reader screens


I know phones and tablets are lcd screens but what are screens for e-readers (kindle, etc) called? How can they not be lit up like a phone’s screen, still respond to touch, and be able to be seen very easily in sunlight where as a phone or tablet can be on the brightest setting and still be nothing but reflection?

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[E-ink]( Instead of lighting up phosphor dots like a computer monitor, it’s filled with dark, electrically charged capsules and they can use electricity to bring them to the surface. It’s actually a lot like a very advanced Etch-a-Sketch (except electric instead of magnetic).

It’s e-ink, or electric ink.

Imagine a tiny magnetic ball painted half white, half black. It will rotate according to the magnetic field around it, showing either its white face up, or black face up. Put thousands of them together, you have e-ink. Now you can imagine why backlight is not necessary.

The touch part works the same way it works for an LCD(capacitive touch). As for the display part, it’s charged pigment particles suspended in an opaque fluid, that can be brought forward or backward by applying a voltage.

LCDs can work in sunlight if they use a reflective backing, this is common in calculators.

For more in depth explanation:

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