what abolishing the family means?


I didn’t understand from the book called that and psychosocial studies

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Generally this means the traditional nuclear family of:
– Breadwinner Man
– Housewife
– 2 and a half kids (no dismemberment, just averages)

It was and apparently still is, unless the book is pretty old, a feminist obsession.

The notion is that a nuclear family ties wives to their husbands and turns them into a source of free labour.

Plenty of people hate it, and yet plenty of women still consider it the ideal.

The actuality is whatever you want out of your relationship.

Madnessinabottle got the common use right imo.

I come from an economics background so I always think of its system meaning “shifting the rights, duties, and obligations from internal members of a family unit to external members”. Aka, actually abolishing the agency of the familial structure.

That is most definitely NOT the common use, but it is one use.