What are T cells and B cells in medical or anatomy terms and how are they different when dealing with viruses


Also are there any other cells related to these that I have not specifically mentioned?

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B cells and T cells are part of the adaptive immune system. They are lymphocytes with different roles and are activated to fight an infection. T cells can be divided into three main kinds: cytotoxic T cells, which recognize and kill infected cells, T helper cells, which produce molecules called cytokines to control the immune response to a pathogen, and T reg cells, which inhibit the immune response. B cells instead only produce antibodies, which can neutralize a pathogen and help macrophages in killing it.
When it comes to viruses, usually all of these cells are involved and many more (Th1, T cytotoxic, Treg, B lymphocytes, Natural Killer cells, Macrophages, Dendritic Cells). Some of these belong to innate immunity, others belong to the adaptive immunity, while others allow an intersection between the two.

The human immune system is really fascinating, so, if you are interested, i suggest you pick up a short book about it and give it a quick read. There are actually a ton of different cells involved in different mechanisms, it would definitely be a worthwhile read. I’m gonna leave a link here of what i just found with a quick google search.