What are these little hard “knots” that move around during massages?


Why is it, when I’m getting (or giving) a massage, that when you find the little hard bumps that seem to be the source of pain, they move? What exactly are these bumps and how can they seemingly move several inches?

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According to my mom, massage therapist for many, many years, these are parts of the muscle that are constricted even when you are relaxing the muscle. Massage moves blood in and out of these areas, relaxing them.

Lactic acid. It builds up when your muscles work without enough oxygen. Massaging and stretching brings oxygen to the site and breaks it down

A lot of them are where the fascia (tissue structure between muscle and skin) and muscle have stuck together. Fascia is the part of our bodies that keeps the skin in place and not sliding around so it needs to be sticky. Sometimes though, it gets so sticky that it creates an adhesion, AKA “knots”.


It’s funny since I’ve been getting massages for years (I go to one of the student massage schools) and how each persons technique is different, had several who needed to put serious pressure to make it release, and others who attack it differently and use almost no pressure

Of course I always tell the girls that if need be, the can climb on the table and use there full weight if need be to get through all the fat 🙂