: what exactly happens during meditation ?


How does just sitting and chanting or focusing on breathing help create a calm state ? What happens to our brain during that process ?

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This question is actually complicated by a few things. First is what type of meditation? There are lots of different types. Some based on healing, some on focus. Some are ment to be thoughtful and some thoughtless.

There’s many different way’s to meditate, but what it boils down to is focusing your thoughts. Being able to get your mind to not be bored with itself. A very easy way to feel the effects is to set a ten minute timer and lay in bed. Close your eyes and don’t open them til the timer goes off. Just lay there. At first you’ll fidget, cheat and open your eyes for a split second, then you’ll think about things that stress you, but if you keep doing it you’ll be sad that the time is up. It “clears the head” so that it can act as a new base line to deal with reality. If that makes sense.