Why cant we have phasers or laser blasters like in sci-fi movies instead of guns?


Why cant we have phasers or laser blasters like in sci-fi movies instead of guns?

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Power. The batteries would be huge and not last long. Plus the cost per unit is probably more than the soldier.

It’s hard to store enough energy in a compact, portable way for our current laser technology to produce a sufficiently dangerous beam. Basically, we don’t have good enough laser and/or battery technology to make a lethal laser that’s not the size of a small car, weighs less than a tractor trailer, and can be fired more than once every few minutes, cheaply.

[We can](https://youtu.be/iVrJUbeuG44). There are some practical issues being worked out, and they’re banned from use in war in a lot of contexts. But the basic concept is out there. The biggest problem at this point is shrinking them down to the point of practicality.

We do to some extent. Law enforcement/Military has used both sound and light as non-lethal alternatives to bullets.

As to the concept of a packet of energy as a projectile to be used non-lethally on humans?

There’s a physical aspect of this that must be considered.

Our skin is naturally very much a resistor of electrical charge, unless it’s wet.

So how do you get an electrical charge past the skin, into the nervous system where it can elicit non-damaging results (in theory)?

In tazers, they use metal tips that puncture the skin in order to apply voltage.

How would it be done with nothing but energy?

Otherwise, you just have a very precise flame thrower.

Lasers require huge amounts of power to generate enough damage to make it worthwhile and that would make them too heavy on the battlefield in addition fog and rain make them virtually useless. https://youtu.be/G8vemFi4mXs