Why countries need recognition from other others?


Why countries need recognition from other others?

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Because a country isn’t a country unless its recognized by the international community. A government needs to be able to exchange money on international markets, and needs to be able to preform international trade.

To do both of those, you need support from other countries who run and participate in those systems. Without their support, you wouldn’t be able to operate on the international markets and banking systems.

If we just let anyone who declared their land a country be a country, the world would collapse into civil wars and warlord style micro nations

Short answer: they don’t.

Long answer: The concept of a “country” is largely a social construct. There’s no “difference” between Canada and the United States other than the decision that one part of the continent will be run by a specific group of people, and another part will be run by an entirely different group.

From that perspective, the only thing determining “countries” *is people as a whole.* In that context, a “country” is *defined* by the fact that a large proportion of the world recognizes a specific land area as self-governing.

it need this because if a country is not recognized as such it doesn’t have the right to participate in international markets and goes as extreme on not having a legitimate claim of sovereignty in their territory..

and if you cant effectively trade nor ensure control over your own borders, then you aren’t really a nation but instead an insurrection.

Let’s say we have a bunch of toys in kindergarten. One day you point to a truck and say: “that’s mine, nobody else shall play with it”.

If the other kids just ignore you and continue playing with the truck anyway, it doesn’t matter that you think it’s yours.

On the other hand, if you can convince them that it indeed is yours, then it is. It’s up to what you collectively agree upon.