Why do human babies cry so much as opposed to chimpanzee or gorilla babies?


I’m watching a documentary and noticed how chill great ape babies are. They’re quite content just holding onto their mom, and you never see them crying in the same shrill, oftentimes excessive way human babies do.

Swaddled wrong? Cry. Gassy? Cry. Hungry? Cry. Too full? Throw up, then cry.

What gives?

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One anthropologist (Sarah Hrdy) posited an evolutionary mechanism. If an ape or monkey puts a baby down for a bit, it’s best chance of survival is to stay quiet and hope mum comes back. It can last for a good bit. A human baby is basically fucked if mum does not come back, very quickly. So make lots of really penetrating noise (babies’ cries are tuned to maximum annoyance), to remind her.

Communication, if you have a good ear you can after some time tell what they are crying about..

my first boy didn’t cry I legit asked my GP if he was ok coz I thought all babies cried non stop.

I think there’s a difference between ‘fourth trimester’ crying, when babies are incredibly vulnerable and dependent, and what happens after (at least) three months.

From that point on, I think the baby’s social environment will influence how they cry. Deaf YouTuber Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is raising her child speech-and-sign bilingual. She’s talked about how sign helped him communicate before he developed speech, reducing his frustration quite a bit.

In some places babies don’t cry often – which may be because they’re always with their mother while in the most needy stage. As soon as they can walk they’re in the care of another child, or an older person – who aren’t going to respond to them like a parent would. Prevalent corporal punishment also leads to kids keeping quiet as soon as they’re able to control their voices.

Crying monke in jungle will get eaten, very quickly.

Crying monke in urban jungle don’t usually get eaten, so they cry for mom’s attentions.

also, due to walking upright, narrower pelvises (which is why childbirth is so dangerous) it means the pregnancy time had to be shorter than they should be. because if they got any bigger it would kill the mother. our babies come out waaaaay under-developed in comparison a giraffe, which can walk and feed itself the same day its born